Wood Pellet Fireplaces

There are many things that we love about having a fireplace of our own. They help to add warmth to the home, are able to set the right mood for the romantic evening at the house, and can add a look to our home that nothing else could. It is no wonder that everyone is always trying to purchase a home with one of these wood fireplaces.

I remember as a child waking up to my father putting logs in the fireplace and watching him start it. Now a days most people who live in the city do not have the chance to cut down their own logs to use as firewood. Instead they rely on the ones that they purchase from the grocery store – which are said to contain things that make it able to burn longer.

Often times we do not with to use these logs because they are expensive and the chemicals they use to burn longer and light easier may be harmful to our health and create indoor pollution. Instead we should invest our money into pellets.

Wood pellet fireplaces are much more affordable and perfect for those who live in the city and are not able to chop down wood the old fashioned way. Although this type of firewood is more commonly used in wood stoves it is possible to burn it carefully inside of wood fireplaces as well.

The pellets used for these wood fireplaces are made using leftover wood residue that comes from sawdust, lumber production, and furniture manufacturing. In other words they pieces not used are recycled and sent to a pellet mill. It is here that they are dried, compressed, and then shaped into small, pellet sized pieces of wood.

You will be able to purchase these for your wood pellet fireplace in a variety of colors – but the best burning types are the natural golden wood color. It is easier to purchase wood pellet baskets – which are able to be placed inside of the fireplace or wood stove and burned this way. Besides saving you money and giving you a cleaner way to use your wood pellet fireplace these will also give it a great smell even when they are not being used.