Wood Fireplace Hearth

If you have the space in your home to have a larger fireplace than you should take advantage of that space and create the best wood fireplace that you are able to. Remember that the larger the fireplace that you have the more room you have to build the perfect wood fireplace hearth.

The hearth is the bottom portion of the fireplace that sticks out. It allows people to sit comfortably down in front of the fire or gives you the space that you need to sit down the necessary wood fireplace logs or wood fireplace tools. The hearth is not something that is used for every type of fireplace.

However, it is a great part that I believe should never be left out. In most cases a wood fireplace hearth is made using stone – which is durable and able to handle almost anything that comes it way. Although brick is another material that is useful it is not as elegant as stone.

For some people it is easier to build the wood fireplace hearth first and then build the wood fireplace on top of it after it is finished. This give them an idea of just how large the fireplace should be and whether or not the hearth should be small or large. It also gives them space that they need to make the fireplace more unique.

This is also commonly done for wood stoves. Some people will produce a hearth that is directly on the floor and travels slightly up the wall. Once the hearth has been constructed they will set the wood burning stove on top of the hearth. This helps to keep the stove steady and safer to use – but also helps to give it a base that looks great and offers more room to hold other accessories or tools that the wood stove might need.

A wood fireplace hearth is able to be build both inside and outside of the home depending on where you would like your wood fireplace to be. You will also have the ability to use other types of materials to build the hearth with besides stone and brick. It is best to find something that best fits the look of your home.