Wood Fireplace Conversion

There are many homes that are built with fireplaces – but not always the one that we want. For some people they are given a wood burning fireplace when they wanted one that was gas burning. For others they were given a gas burning fireplace when they wanted wood. We do not always get to choose what type we receive when we purchase the home.

However, that does not always stop us from getting what we want. There is a way to convert your wood fireplace into something else or to even covert your gas fireplace into a wood burning fireplace. But before you are able to do this you must know exactly what goes into it.


If you have never done a wood fireplace conversion before than you need to read some DIY home improvement books, go online and ask some serious questions, or go to your nearest home depot and start asking questions. You need to know what the process involves and exactly what you will need to be changing. The conversion itself could be a long process and cost your hundreds of dollars. That price can go up if you do it incorrectly.

Examine Your Fireplace

Have someone come to your home and look at the type of fireplace that your home has and how it was made. For some people wood fireplace conversions are simple and only require that they use different type of wood fireplace starters. This is based though on the way that the fireplace and chimney is built and what it is able to handle.


If you are not a handyman or have never taken on a project like this before than we don’t suggest that you start now. The best thing that you are able to do is to hire someone professional who can take care of the wood fireplace conversion for you. They will be able to make sure that they job is done right the first time and will help to make sure it is done safely.