Three Sided Wood Fireplaces

There are literally thousands of different styles that we are able to choose form when it comes to the type of wood fireplace that we wish to use in our home. The most common styles that we are able to choose from and that most designs fall under are contemporary and modern. Contemporary is the most common choice and is also the safest.

But why not live outside of the box every now and again and create something that is truly unique and hard to find in other people’s homes? Modern is great to use if you want something that is different and vibrant like you. If you want to Three Sided Wood Fireplacesmake a statement or to show off your home in a new way than you need a three sided wood fireplace.

These types of wood fireplace are the most unique because instead of having one single opening or side to it – like the traditional type does – it has three sides or openings. These are not seen in most normal type homes because they are not designed to hold a wood fireplace such as this.

One of the hardest things about building three sided wood fireplaces is the amount of space that they take up. In order to be open like this it is required that the chimney be pushed out farther into the home. It is like creating a partial wall in the living room that has a fireplace at the end of it.

Although it does take up a lot of space it is still very useful to have in the home. A three sided fireplace is a great attraction that you can have in any home and still provides you with the warmth and attraction wish to have. You can even be more unique and one side of the partial chimney/wall you can create shelves where the wood fireplace logs should go.