Open Wood Fireplace

When you choose a modern style of wood fireplace than you are choosing to use something that is unique in every way that it look as well as functions. Due to its abnormalities and uniqueness most types of modern fireplaces either take up too much space in the home or not enough. This makes them normal sized or rather small. Either way though they are able to function the way we want them to.

One great type of wood fireplace that people are trying to use more than the traditional type is the open wood fireplace. What makes the open wood fireplace so unique is the fact that it is open and not enclosed. It does not use any type of fireplace screen or door to conceal the fire. However, because of this they are usually smaller and the fire does not always get too big.

Many of these types of open fireplaces are considered to be modern because of the shape in which they take. There are also many models in which you are able to choose from.

Wall Mounted Open Wood Fireplace

One of the most unusual types that you are able to choose from is the wall mounted open wood fireplace. True to its names – this model is able to sit on a wall without the fear of it falling off. It is smaller than the average fireplace – but is able to give people the ability to have one in a smaller home. It is open all around which means there is no screen or door to conceal it when not in use.

Central Open Wood Fireplaces

The central open wood fireplaces are usually smaller as well and situated in the middle of the room. The chimney is small and thin and runs up through the middle of the home as well. Because it is open it does not use any type of screen or door but it still may have a surround and base that it sits in.