Custom Wood Fireplaces

Do you ever think about the dream house that you eventually want to build for yourself and your family? Most of us know exactly what this house should have inside of it and how we want it to look. When we are given the opportunity to watch it come to life we have to make sure that each detail is precise and done the right way.

For many people this is true with the type of fireplace that they want. When they are given the opportunity to design and build a fireplace for their home than it may not be enough to simply choose something out of a catalogue. Instead they would rather build a custom wood fireplace. This is not uncommon and with the right tips you can make it possible.


When you are creating your custom wood fireplace the first thing that you should be thinking about is the design that it should have. Think carefully about what type of wood you would like to use for it and whether or not it should have a simple or ornate design. Perhaps you would like to give it etchings around the surround and mantle? Or maybe you would like it to look more modern?


It is going to be hard to install or even build the fireplace until you know how large or small it should be. Make sure that you know exactly where you want it and how much room it should take up. If you are having trouble sizing it than you should speak with an interior designer or contractor and have them do it for you.


The best thing about the custom wood fireplace is knowing what type of wood you wish to use. If you want something that is warm and elegant than you may want a darker wood. However, the lighter woods are very fresh and help to open up the room. Also try to choose a type of wood that is durable and will be able to last for years with very little maintenance.