Ventless Gas Fireplace

The traditional wood burning fireplace is the most popular for people to use. However, there are times when certain homes do not have the capability to use them because they are broken. Others prefer not to use them because there is so much upkeep and maintenance that they do want to worry about. The best thing to do is to replace it with a ventless gas fireplace.

These types of fireplaces are becoming more and more common as people are looking to use something that will generate heat without all of the hassle and messy cleanup. They do not require any type of chimney, flue, or any other form of ventilation. That is itself will make it easier for them and in a way safer.Ventless Gas Fireplace

When people first consider using a ventless fireplace they become wary and unsure of it. This is because they want something that will look great in their home while at the same time providing them with a source of heat. That is what makes the ventless gas fireplace so ideal. There are two different types that you can use; propane and natural gas.

Both the propane and natural gas ventless fireplaces are effective and cost around $300 to $1,000. They are a good deal smaller than the average fireplace – which gives you the ability to use them in any room in the house. You can also purchase the gas fireplace insert which allows you to slip them easily into the wood burning fireplace.

In order to know what type you should use you must first know how large the room is that you wish to place it inside of. Each ventless gas fireplace is given a BTU rating that will help you to know how much energy it uses to function and the amount of heat it gives off. Measure the size of the room and then compare the BTUs of the fireplace to see if it is sufficient.

These are called ventless – but they still require a small amount of oxygen in order to burn. They are designed with special ductless and chimneyless designs that allow it to vent outside of the room. This is another reason why the amount of volume in the air is important. It is not uncommon for people to use these to keep warm to save on energy or when the power has gone out.

There are disadvantages to using these. In fact many states, such as Massachusetts, has banned the use of them because they believe that it causes a buildup of carbon monoxide and depletes the oxygen within the room. It also has the ability to increase the amount of humidity that is in the room. When using it the natural gas or propane will produce water vapor – which if not controlled can lead to mold.