Ventless Fireplace

When people are in search of buying a new home or remodeling the one they are in they often find ways to incorporate a fireplace into it. It is the one feature that the majority of people love to have even if they do not use it that often. The only downside to this is that not all homes are able to support the wood burning fireplaces or people do not like the hassle of cleaning them out every few months.

The best alternative to these problems is to invest your money into a ventless fireplace. These are much smaller then the average fireplace and are often portable. What distinguishes them from the wood burning fireplaces is the fact that they do not require the flue, chimney, or any other form of ventilation because there is no smoke or ash being released into the home.

The most common is the ventless gas fireplace that will use propane or natural gas to burn the fire. This is able to provide heat for the room it is in and uses the oxygen into the room to help keep it burning all night long.

One that is becoming increasingly popular is the electric ventless fireplace. This particular ventless fireplace model uses electric power to generate heat and a fire. This is mainly used for decorative purposes and a way to create ambience in any room. To flame resistant fire logs to sit inside of it.

Every type of ventless fireplace are either portable – so that you are able to use it in any room in the house – or it can be inserted into the existing wood burning fireplace. Ventless fireplace inserts are common and help people use what is otherwise a non working or damaged fireplace.

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