Wood Fireplace Surrounds

There are a number of materials that we are able to use when building or purchasing a fireplace surround. One of the most affordable and versatile are the wood fireplace surrounds. These come in a variety of designs that work well with your gas, electric, or wood burning fireplace.

There are two things you are able to do if you wish to have surround made from wood. The first is to choose one that will go with the fireplace that you have at home and requires only a small amount of installation. These will cost anywhere between $200 to $2,000 and come available in both light and dark colors and various types of woods.Wood Fireplace Surround

Your second option is to build it – which could help you to save money. The hardest thing about building one though is the fact that you have to get all of the measurements done right and have to have the necessary tools for it. Otherwise you will end up spending just as much if you just bought one from the home improvement store.

Wood fireplace surrounds are mainly used in homes that wish to have a contemporary or traditional look for their fireplace. You can find them made with oak, pin, cherry, and so much more.

The darker woods are more common because they help to create a more elegant look for the fireplace and to help it to stand out in an otherwise bright and open room. The lighter woods are best used in smaller homes and fireplaces. The lightness of the wood helps to open the space up to give the illusion that there is more space than what you see.

These surrounds can be as simple or ornate as you would like them to be. The larger types have more space between the mantel and the opening and others look more ornate with carvings of fruit or other designs on it. The question you have to ask yourself is what will match well with the look in your home.

If ever you decide that your old wood fireplace surround is looking dull you can simply refinish it or paint over it. This gives you the ability to turn your light wood dark and your dark wood into white, red, or any other color you like.