Wood Fireplace Screen

When many of us are trying to decide what type of screen to place in the opening of our fireplace we automatically assume that it has to be made from glass or metal. That is because these are the more popular and commonly used – but they are not the only choice. There are wood fireplace screens that you can use to help create a more rustic look.

It is true that wood fireplace screens are not the more popular and can be damaged easily so you will need to take extra care with them. While they may be built using sturdy and strong types of wood there is still a chance that they can get scratched, dented, and of course burned. Which is why you should refrain using them while the fire is burning.

But during those many months when the fireplace is not being used you need to find something to place in front of it that will keep it looking great and maybe even practical. Some of the best type of wood screens to purchase are the ones that have been hand crafted and decorated.

Many companies will create a unique design or even picture on the surface of the screen. This could be a picture of a scenery, flowers, or even animals. Others might only be decorated with simple colors and patterns. It is up to you to find one that will match the look of your home.

To make sure that they stay in good condition you will need to maintain your screen. Keep the dust and moisture off of it to keep the look of it in tact. To make it stronger try finding a screen that has been coated with a special finish.

Every type of wood fireplace screen is built to be placed in front of the opening of the fireplace. All you need to do is measure the opening and find something that will fit perfectly in front without being too small or large.