Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

There are many different types of fireplace screens that we can use in our home and each are different in their own unique way. There are some that are very simple looking and others that are more intricate. If elegance is what you are after than you may love the stained glass fireplace screen.

These type of glass fireplace screens are unique in their own way because they utilize a variety of colors and designs that create a very elegant and sophisticated look to your home. Each screen is handcrafted and you will have a hard time trying to find two that look exactly the same.

Like other types of glass screens the stained glass models can be used to fit directly in the opening of the fireplace and will help to shield children from what is burning within. You will have a soft glow not only from the fire – but also from the stained glass pieces that the fire is glowing through.

Because these are very intricate they are also one of the more expensive types of screens that you can purchase for your fireplace. They can range as low as $100 or as high as $400 depending on the size and craftsmanship that has been placed into it.

To help match the rest of your home you can find a stained glass fireplace screen that is made with the colors that will match your home. Red, green, and blue are some of the more popular colors because they stand out and they look great in many homes.

All you have to do is make sure that the colors and also the style of the screen will mesh with the room it is being placed in. Otherwise it will stand out in an odd sort of way instead of complimenting the look of the whole home.