Spark Guard Fireplace Screen

Most people will purchase a fireplace screen that will sit in front of the opening of the fireplace and prevent any sparks from the flames to jump out and hit someone. This is mostly used when people have young children who are easily scared by this and to keep them from trying to stick their fingers inside.

One of the safest types that you will ever be able to find is the spark guard fireplace screen. This special screen is designed to cover the sides, bottom, and also top of the opening of the fireplace. This helps to keep any sparks from being stopped by the screen and to keep your young children from trying to play with it.

In order to get the right one for your fireplace you will need to measure the opening of the fireplace. These spark guard fireplace screens have sides that bend inwards to cover the opening of the fireplace and the top bends out and over to cover the top of it. They are able to be secured firmly in front of the fireplace to keep your children from moving it easily.

Although it is often hard to find these in a decorative design it is possible to find certain ones that will fit your fireplace perfectly. They each use the same material that will help to prevent the sparks from the flame to jump out and hit you. The edges however, are the part of it that will offer some type of design that you can be happy with.

Not only are these considered to be some of the safest types of fireplace screens – but they are also one of the most affordable. They will cost anywhere between $40 to $500 depending on the style that you purchase and the material used to make it.