Single Panel Fireplace Screen

Most people purchase a fireplace screen because of its ability to help keep the heat of the flames at bay and to keep children from trying to reach their hands to the flame. It is a safety guard that is used very effectively and because of this people don’t wish to spend much money on it.

If you have no desire to use the fireplace screen as a way to embellish upon the fireplace that you have then the single panel fireplace screen is the best option that you have. These are the simplest form of fireplace screen that you are able to choose from and most do not have any form of design on them.

In fact they are so simple that they are able to be used in front of any fireplace no matter what material is used to make it or if it is modern or contemporary. In other words it is an all round fireplace screen. You are able to choose from two different types; the built-in or the free standing.

Built-In Single Panel Fireplace Screen

The built-in single panel fireplace screen is the most common and considered to be the safest. This is built in to the opening of the fireplace in the home and has one or two doors that will open to the inside. This gives you easy access to light and control the fire when you want to use it.

Freestanding Single Panel Fireplace Screen

The freestanding single panel fireplace screen is used in some of the more smaller fireplaces and when there is nothing built into it. This sits simply in front of the fireplace opening and is able to be moved to the side when trying to light the fire. It can also be left in front while the fire is going to help control the heat from the flames.