Mounted Fireplace Screen

There are different types of fireplace screens that are built specifically and designed specifically for the different types of fireplaces. What you purchase will greatly depend on the type of fireplace that you have and how it is designed. If you have a contemporary wooden fireplace than you may wish to use the glass fireplace screen.

One of the most unusual types of fireplaces are the modern types that are mounted to the wall. These are much smaller than the traditional fireplace and are usually a gel or electric fireplace.

These are very unique and perfect to use in homes that are small and do not have the amount of space that is required for a traditional fireplace. It is also great to use in homes where people love to have unusual items in their home.

Although the wall mounted fireplace are not traditional and do always need the exact same type of fireplace accessories that we would normally want you still will want something like a fireplace screen. These mounted fireplace screens are purely to help contain the fire and not for decorative purposes.

Not everyone needs a mounted fireplace screen – but they do come in handy when you need to keep it protected from different elements or to protect the carpet or other belongings in your home. These fireplace screens are easy to install and will look great in your fireplace and home.