Hanging Fireplace Screen

There are many different types of fireplace screens that we are able to use in front of the fireplace. The type that we choose will depend on what we think is the best to use, what will go well with our fireplace, and how we wish to use it. There are some people who choose the fireplace screen for decorative purposes and to give their fireplace a much better look for when it is not being used.

There are others who choose the fireplace screen based on how it will help to control the heat from the flames and to keep wandering hands away from it when it is being used. When this is the case and you are trying to find something that is affordable and easy to install right into the opening of the fireplace than you would prefer the hanging fireplace screen.

This is the most simplest type of fireplace screen that is even easier to use than the single panel fireplace screen. It is a simple sheet of metal that looks almost like chain mail. It hangs easily in front of the opening of the fireplace and will slide open and closed when you need to get into it.

This type of fireplace screen is considered on of the easiest to use and also very easy to install. All you need to put it together is the hanging fireplace screen, screen pulls, and a valance rod kit.

To make things a bit easier and if you have never installed a fireplace screen you will always have the option to purchase a hanging fireplace screen kit. This will come with all of the necessary parts and directions to help make sure you install it correctly. Just make sure that you measure the width of the opening of the fireplace before you purchase it.