Gas Fireplace Screen

One of the best thing about fireplace screens is that they are able to be used on any type of fireplace that you have. They are best used on traditional fireplace because they provide a way to keep children’s hands out of the fireplace when it is being used or even when there is nothing but ash inside of it. When it is not being used it also provides a way to help decorate it and make it look great in the room.

The same can be said when trying to purchase a gas fireplace screen. The difference between the gas fireplace and the traditional is that it is able to burn more efficiently and does not necessarily require a vent. The two common types of gas fireplaces include the ventless fireplace and the direct vent.

Ventless Gas Fireplace Screen

When you have a ventless gas fireplace picking out a screen for it should be simple. This is mainly used to for decorative purposes and must therefore match up well with the fireplace that you have and the way that the room looks. In any room you want things to be able to flow seamlessly together or else everything will feel too busy and not comfortable.

Some of the best types of fireplace screens are the stained glass screens. These are very beautiful and have a wonderful array of colors and unique patterns and designs. Although they are some of the more expensive types they are worth it and help to give your fireplace a great appearance.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Screen

The direct vent gas fireplace requires the need of a fireplace screen door. The door must stay firmly shut in order to keep the combustion gases in the smoke to be released into the home. Instead it is trapped within the fireplace and pushed out through the chimney. When it comes to these types of fireplace you need to have a screen that is firmly built in to the opening of the fireplace.