Fireplace Screen Accessories

Everything that you put in your home to help decorate it and make it your own are referred to as accessories. It is the same with the things that we wear. Every time we put on jewelry, shoes, or belts we are putting on accessories that help to complete the look of the clothes we are wearing.

Every piece of furniture, art on the wall, and other decorations are accessories that help to decorate the home and tie the whole look together. Because of this anything that we use to go with these decoration are also considered accessories. Fireplace screens have their own accessories that help to make them more effective and tie the look of the entire fireplace into one complete ensemble.

There are a few fireplace screen accessories that you can purchase – but none is more necessary or more common then fireplace tools. The fireplace tools include a broom, shovel or spade, and tongs. Each of these are necessary if you ever plan on using your fireplace and keeping it well maintained.

The shovel is used to pull out debris and excess amounts of ash. The broom is used to sweep the outside of the fireplace. The tongs are used to add logs to a burning fire to help keep it going. These fireplace screen accessories can be placed either beside the screen or can be hanging on either side of it. There are many fireplace screens that are built with special hooks that enable these accessories and tools to hang onto it.

Another great fireplace screen accessory to have is the basket in which the logs are held. This basket will usually sit on the bench of the fireplace or beside it on the floor. All of these accessories and the fireplace screen itself need to match in color and materials and will help to tie the whole look together.