Fireplace Mesh Screen

How many of us hate to clean the large fireplace screens? Most of the screens that you can purchase are made of glass or metal and may at times be quite difficult for us to keep clean and dusted. No matter how many times we spray it down fingerprints find their way onto the glass and dust seems to show up even more on the metal.

This isn’t the only problem that we might find with these. Sometimes the home that we live in is small and while there might be a fireplace there was no room for a proper mantel or there is not enough space for the usual fireplace screen. The best way to remedy this is to purchase a fireplace mesh screen.

In reality most fireplace are built with a fireplace mesh screen as well as a fireplace screen door or standard screen. But no one thinks to use the mesh itself as the only fireplace screen. One of the best things about these screens is that they are protective, easy to clean, and can be hard for children to open.

Children are smart and they often try to get to the things they are not allowed to touch. If you have a fireplace screen standing up in front of your fireplace they can knock it down easily and possibly hurt themselves. But a fireplace mesh screen has to be pushed to the side and your child may not be able to reach it let alone move it aside.

This type of fireplace screen is still able to be used in the same way as others except that they can be left closed while the fire is blazing. This adds for better protection for anyone who is enjoying the warmth emanating from it. The best part is that they can be used in any home no matter what your style is.