Brass Fireplace Screen

There are some of us who decorate our home with dark colors on the walls, dark furniture, and try to keep the lights dim. This is a great way to decorate if you love the atmosphere of a dimly lit room and are comfortable with the aura that is connected to this type of decorating. But some of us are not!

There are some who prefer to be more cheery when we enter a room and feel more relaxed in a room that has bright or at least lighter colors all over. But usually it is still hard to have a fireplace that is light in color. Most are made using dark stone or bricks. To help detract from the darker color and to add more of a lightness to it you can use a brass fireplace screen.

Brass fireplace screens are light in color and are great to use in any type of home that is looking to create a relaxed and very homey look to their home. At times a fireplace can look stern and can stand out in the home in a negative way. The best way to tone it down and to give it a more relaxed look is to place this brass screen in front of it.

Most of these types of screens are built to shield the entire opening of the fireplace to protect children near it from sticking their finger inside. But more of us use it to decorate the fireplace and to give it more character and to add to the d├ęcor in the rest of the home.

You can purchase brass fireplace screens that can fit in classic and contemporary homes. There are some built using cast brass and others that are combined with the look of Tiffany fireplace screens. Some are very ornate and elegant while others have a very simple look and feel to them.