Arched Fireplace Screen

When it comes to the fireplace there are so many things that you are able to do with it. It is the centerpiece to the room that it is being used in and as such must be decorated with the proper accessories. One of the most important of these accessories is the fireplace screen. The good thing is there are many varieties and designs which you are able to choose from.

One that we love the most is the arched fireplace screen. This unique screen is designed with a lovely arch to it that helps to make it taller and more decorative when placed in front of the fireplace. They come in a variety of materials as well as designs to help work in front of any fireplace and in any type of home.

Arched Fireplace Screen With Doors

The arched fireplace screen is not only used to help with decorating the fireplace – but also with keeping the fire at a safe distance. When you have children or if you feel that the fire is a bit too warm the door will help to shield you and keep it at bay.

The most unique type to use is the arched fireplace screen with doors. This built into the opening of the fireplace and has two doors that easily open to allow you access to the fire within.

Freestanding Arched Fireplace Screen

It is often difficult to find a fireplace screen that is able to be built into the opening of the fireplace without having to use a lot of tools. For those of us who are not handy we are always able to use the freestanding arched fireplace screen.

This can be easily set in front of the fireplace opening and is arched to be used for the taller types. When the fireplace is being used it can conveniently be folded and placed to the side.