Antique Fireplace Screens

Many people who own fireplaces will use a fireplace screen that is placed in the opening to keep the flames and burning embers out of arm’s length and to keep young children out. You can choose for a traditional fireplace screen or you can opt for something that is more unique to your style and the décor of your home.

Screens for your fireplace opening can be found in a variety of styles and designs that are sure to match any homes. Many people will choose antique fireplace screens because they are very ornate and will easily catch the eye of anyone who visits. However, these should only be used in homes that have an antique type theme to the rest of the home.

Remember that the fireplace is the centerpiece of the room that it is in and in some places to the entire home. Because of this you want to make sure that it blends in and works well with the rest of the home. Antique fireplace screens can come in a variety of colors and can be made using different materials.

It is possible to find certain types of antique screens that look rather simple – but still have that rustic and older look to it that separates it from the traditional style. If you are looking for something more unique you can find some that are made with a special background or design on the front of it. Usually these backgrounds are earthy and will have trees or flowers on it.

The majority of them are made using wrought iron, copper, cast aluminum, antique copper, and gold cast aluminum. They each have a different look and sometimes a different color. Find one that will work well with the design of both the fireplace and the rest of the home.