Fireplace Screens and Accessories

As one of the most popular fireplace accessories, screens are not only a popular when it comes to the overall look, design and decor – they’re also an added safety measure. Whether you have small children or pets in the home, adding a beautiful fireplace screen will enhance the warmth and beauty of your living room. There are also some nifty screens, with tools and other amenities built right in that can really add to the usability and reduce clutter.

Purpose Of A Fireplace Screen

Fireplace ScreenAs we’ve already mentioned, the fireplace screen was initially used to protect from the intense heat capable of being delivered by a well designed fireplace. With that being said, however, there are screens provide more than just practical beneifts. For example, screens are one accessory that can entirely transform this setting’s decor. Since the screen will cover the entire opening of the fire pit, choosing something with a modern or traditional look can really shape the overall style of the fire place.

Fireplace Screen Styles

You can really enhance the atmosphere of your living area by installing or replacing an existing screen. Antique to traditional, modern to contemporary, metal to glass, rustic iron to brass, custom, wood, rustic, copper, mesh, flat, Uniflame and even Tiffany style decorative screens are just some of the styles available to choose from.

You can really transform the look and feel of your fireplace and living area just by using the right fireplace screen. Fortunately, this is a much cheaper alternative to remodeling an existing fireplace. Just browse around DIY Fireplaces for pictures and ideas, or shop around some of the popular discount websites and even place like eBay and Amazon for great deals on new and used screens.