Outdoor Stone Fireplace

When we are on a tight budget all of the designs and ideas that we have for our home are usually put on hold. We feel that we do not have the resourced needed to create the ideal outdoor fireplace because it will cost us hundreds if not thousands of dollars to accomplish it. If this is the case then why not consider using a material that is both inexpensive and affordable.

Outdoor stone fireplaces are the most popular choice next to brick because they look great and are some of the cheapest to put together. These come in such a variety of stones and designs that will make them both elegant and practical to use on your patio. Each one has been designed with aesthetic stones that people love to gather around Outdoor Stone Fireplaceunder the stars on a winter’s evening.

You have to find a stone that they love and that has is designed to be both non combustible and able to last for many years. The great thing about this is that it is not that difficult to do. Many of them are easy to shape and look perfect in any contemporary, modern, or elegant outdoor setting that you have created.

When building an outdoor stone fireplace you need to make sure that all of the measurement you have are correct. For example, the fireplace needs to be at least ten feet away from the house, shed, and any other building in the yard. This will keep any sparks that fly out from catching them on fire.

The top stones that you are able to use to build these are marble, natural stone, stucco, granite, and sandstone. The most expensive an elegant of these is marble. The most common and adaptable of these is stucco. This is usually made using neutral colors that help it to blend well when next to your home. If you wish to make it unique then you can always use more then one of these materials. This will cost more – but you will love the pattern of colors that it will create.

If building one is too expensive then you can opt for a pre-assembled stone fireplace instead. These $400 to $2,000 and are still optional in the various stones. The best part about using these is that they are more affordable and a whole lot easier for you to install them.

No matter which way you choose to build outdoor fireplaces you will have the assurance in knowing that what you have is durable and can stand up against even the harshest of weather conditions. They are also designed to keep the fire from overheating and to lower the risk of any fire hazard.