Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Having an outdoor fireplace is a great way to expand upon the existing patio that you have and to create a sort of outdoor oasis. Unfortunately in some neighborhoods it is illegal to build the wood burning fireplaces. This could be due to the type of climate that you live in or because there are too many homes in the area.

No matter what the reason is you do not have to give up on this dream. Rather then using a wood burning fireplace you will be able to replace it with an outdoor gas fireplace. These are effective at giving you the perfect glow and ambience for your backyard and will give you the option to use it during the summer and winter months.Outdoor Gas Fireplace

One of the best advantages to this particular design is the option that you have to determine how much heat you would like it to have. They use a specific amount of BTUs ranging around 30,000 – which is what will heat the area around it. The best thing to do would be to know the square footage of the yard. This will determine how much BTU measurement the fireplace will need.

There are two ways in which you are able to install these outdoor fireplaces. The first is to convert your wood burning fireplace by placing a gas insert inside of it. These cost between $300 to $800 and are simple to install. The other way is to build an outdoor gas fireplace. The surround for this may be built with faux stone finish, stone, brick, or other type of reinforced inorganic material. These are more durable and will cost between $500 to $1,000.

These produce absolutely no smoke and burn using natural gas or liquid propane gas. This makes it both effective and safe to use with no harmful pollutants being released into the air. To use the natural gas you need to have it connected to the gas line that is coming from your home or have one installed. Installing a new gas line though will cost you hundreds of dollars. Instead you should hook it up to a propane tank – which will only require you to fill it every few months.