Outdoor Stone Fire Pits

There are many different styles that you are able to use when trying to design the ideal outdoor fire pit. Brick is one of the more popular materials but when you are looking for something that is more durable and looks great in the backyard than stone is the best. The stone outdoor fire pit looks great in your backyard and garden.

This type of fire pit has been around for hundreds of years – but these days it is a more unique and rare thing to see. The greatest advantage to these is that you will have a great deal of versatility. You will have the ability to design and build Stone Outdoor Fire Pitsone from scratch or you can purchase one that is pre-assembled.

When designing your own fire pit you will have a variety of stones to choose from which include; marble, granite, natural stone, and sandstone. The price for each one will be dependent upon the quality of them. Marble is going to be the most expensive – but it is also the most elegant choice. Any stone that you choose is designed to be both fire and weather resistant. In fact stone is considered to be the toughest and longest lasting material to use.

Most of us will choose to purchase the stone fire pits that are already assembled because it will save us money from having to purchase the materials, tools, or to hire someone to build it for us. These will still be high quality and just as effective. However, they will only cost you between $80 to $2,000.

As we said before these are very versatile and can be found in a variety of shapes and designs to match the look of your backyard. If you have a limited amount of space you can use the round fire pit that will sit in the center of the patio. This will provide you with just enough space to hold your fire logs or coals.

The square and rectangular stone outdoor fire pits are slightly larger and will have an edge around the center of the pit where you can place your drinks on it. The most unusual design is the conversion fire pit. This is designed with a cover that sits perfectly over the opening and transforms it into a table.