Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

There are many different types of outdoor fire pits that we are able to use. One of the more common are the ones that function through the use of gas. Outdoor gas fire pits are portable and designed to sit in the center of the patio surrounded by friends and family. Each of these cost between $200 to $2,000 depending on how large they are and what is used to make them.


These come in a variety of designs that include; end tables, urns, and campfires. They help to bring light, warmth, and Outdoor Gas Fire Pitsbeauty to your patio or garden by offering you a safe enclosed fire. Each one are made to burn clean into the air with no risk of releasing any form of pollution. Now you can share drinks and stories with your friends or roast marshmallows with your children in your own backyard.


These structures use masonry that help to contain the fire so that you are able to light it outside of the home. They are safe and they are designed in a way to make them liven up your otherwise boring backyard. They function through the use of natural or propane gas – which when ignited will start the fire. Many people will use non burning elements like metal fire rings to disperse the fuel and have a more natural looking flame like that of a wood burning fire pit.


There are two ways in which you are able to purchase an outdoor gas fire pit. The first is to have one that is custom built for you. This is more expensive – but it allows you design your ideal fire pit and to make it the perfect size and style for your backyard. The other way is to purchase it pre-assembled. These are much more affordable and usually designed to be portable.

Any one that you decide to make or purchase will use steel, porcelain, aluminum, and other types of metals that are resistant to large amounts of heat. The outer portion of the structure is designed to be circular or square and other shapes. The outer part of the structure is made using metal, stone, masonry, or resin that is fire resistant.

The majority of them will use natural gas lines that run directly from the home or through the use of self contained propane tanks. The ones that use propane tanks use light weight materials such as resin to make them portable.