Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

Using a fire pit on your patio or deck is a great way to entertain your friends and family. They can be used as a barbecue or simply a way to add warmth and comfort during the winter months. The best way to find the right type of outdoor fire pit design is to know the materials that you are able to use.


Copper is one of the best materials that you are able to use because it is able to endure high heats. You have the abilityCopper Outdoor Fire Pit Design to enjoy the natural color of copper to use it for your backyard or garden and to add some color to it. The only disadvantage to copper outdoor fire pits is that it is the most expensive to use.

Cast Iron

The cast iron outdoor fire pits are the next best design to use and do not cost nearly as much as those made using copper. They have a more rustic appeal to them and will work well in any backyard. The only disadvantage to them is that they cannot handle as high as temperatures.


This is a Mexican outdoor fire pit design. This is unusual when compared to most other types of fire pits because it is enclosed and has a tall chimney attached to it – which helps to vent away any smoke. This is better to use in the smaller areas and are usually made using copper or cast iron or terra cotta.


Many people will make the fire pit to be wood burning. However, in some neighborhoods this is restricted. When this is the case you have the option to use an outdoor gas fire pit in its place. This is going to be slightly more expensive but it requires less cleanup after each use.

In order for these to work you must connect it to the gas line from your home or to a propane tank. Before you install it though you must contact your local utility company to make sure that it complies with the building permit and safety regulations.


The portable outdoor fire pits are usually made using either metal or ceramic. These are lightweight materials and give you the ability to bring them with you to camping grounds and beaches. These are designed to look like bowls that sit on top of legs and have a lid. This will keep the coal or wood from falling out when it is being moved.