Wood Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace is the centerpiece of any home and the room that it is in – but it plays a much larger role than just this. In the winter time it works to keep the whole of the house warm. Especially on the days when you are snowed into your home and the power is out. It offers you a warm fire and comfort throughout the day and night for you and your family.

One of the more favorite types of fireplace mantels is wood. A wood fireplace mantel is a very classic look to add to any home. While it is more commonly considered to be used in older homes many people who remodeling these homes are finding ways to incorporate this type of fireplace mantel to compliment the contemporary theme they are adding to their home.

There are many designs that can be used that will match many looks. The color, the cut, and the carvings of the wood are all something that you have to consider. Many of these designs go as far back as the Renaissance time period – which is why many artistic people love to use wood fireplace mantels.

During this time wood fireplace mantels were constructed using large pillars and intricate carvings of animals and other figures. As time progressed these complex designs were made smaller and more simpler. One thing that has not changed over time is the quality that is placed into them.

You can choose to make wood fireplace mantels using elm, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and other types of strong wood. There are many companies that can make a wood fireplace mantel for you or you have the option to purchase a mantel kit from a department store. These come available with all the necessary materials you will need to put your wood fireplace mantel together.