Stone Fireplace Mantel

A stone fireplace mantel is more commonly associated with some of the more elegant and sophisticated homes. The more popular material used to create this type of fireplace mantel is marble. This is not surprising because this material is also used for flooring and countertops in some of the same high end homes. This type of material used to create your elegant stone fireplace mantel can be expensive depending on which type of marble stone you choose.

Utilizing a stone fireplace mantel in your new home is the perfect way to show off your sophisticated style and to create a certain type of ambience to the entire home as well as the room that it has been placed in. In this instance the fireplace would truly be the centerpiece of the room and an excellent place to show off many of your favorite personal memories to people getting a closer look.

It is true that in order to own one of these high end fireplace mantels you must invest a large amount of money. This is especially true if you are willing to purchase only the best materials. One of the best reasons to invest this money into it is that it will last for years to come.

Companies from all around the world produce stone marble in a wide variety of styles and patterns to match any type of home d├ęcor. Also each stone fireplace mantel is unique because no two are identical.

Installing a stone fireplace mantel is easier than most people would think. There is no need to hire a professional to install one. All you need to do is apply a penetrating sealer before you place your stone fireplace mantel. Afterwards you will apply this sealer once a year to help prevent dust from affecting the look of the stone.