Rustic Fireplace Mantel

When it comes to choosing the right type of fireplace mantel you have to think about what you love and how you want to decorate your home. Many people believe that the fireplace is the centerpiece of the home or at least of the room that it is in. It is rather large and must therefore stand out – but in a good way.

There are some who prefer to choose the type that is ornate and shows people their love for the finer things. There are others who prefer to have something that is so unique that it cannot be found in any other type of normal home and you wonder to yourself how they came up with the idea.

But then there are some of us who don’t mind having something that millions of people might have. They don’t mind choosing the simple, traditional design because it is something that they truly love to have in their home. It is no wonder why many people choose the rustic fireplace mantel over all other types.

These mantels are designed in a very basic manner and usually work well with the stone or even brick fireplaces. The rest of the home most likely has a rustic feel to it as well – which means that the fireplace must follow suit. One of the best materials that you could ever use for your rustic fireplace mantel is wood. Wood is the best material because it is easy to find the right style, size, and designs that help to give it the rustic appearance that you love.

Also when you use these wood fireplace mantels you are giving the fireplace plenty of room to allow people to sit on the stone surround and closer to the fire. This is what helps to make them larger and able to heat the home better during those cold winter months. One of the most common type of rustic fireplace mantel that works well to offer this amount of room is the log fireplace mantel.