Oak Fireplace Mantel

One of the most common types of fireplace mantels that people will use are the traditional wood fireplace mantels. In some ways these type are very traditional and many people love the natural an relaxing setting that they help to create in their home. But these types are not restricted to classic homes. Many contemporary and even a few modern homes are able to use them as well.

Possible the most popular and most durable that people love to use are oak fireplace mantels. Oak fireplace mantels are offered in both dark and light colors and are deemed to be one of the most versatile and most durable wood fireplace mantels to use. They are also some of the more elegant wood mantel that you can find.

Many companies offer oak fireplace mantels in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. Depending on the how much you want to spend and the style that you are looking for will determine what type of design you want. Several different oak mantels are carved into the usual mantel shape with very small fireplace mantel surrounds. However, there are a few that are built with an ornate look and have been given a more elegant and rather larger fireplace mantel surround.

It is easy enough to find an oak mantel that has beautiful and intricate carvings etched into the different parts of the wood. These carvings are usually very simple – but help to create the look of a beautiful home. On top of the oak fireplace mantel you can store some of your favorite memories of your family.