Marble Fireplace Mantel

If you love history and you love a home that is both elegant and historical than you would love to have a marble fireplace mantel. Marble fireplace mantels are gorgeous and very elegant. They are also one of the most expensive fireplace mantels that you can choose. This expensive cost comes from the craftsmanship and time that is placed into making them.

In some cases marble fireplace mantels can be more expensive than others depending on the type of stone that is being used and how rare that stone is. Pure white marble is very rare and also very beautiful. Those who want a marble fireplace mantel without having to pay thousand of dollars could opt for the ones produces using mechanization.

This process helps to reduce the price – but it also decreases how rare the marble is that is being used. To lower the price even more you can choose a faux marble fireplace mantel. This is produced using imitation marble and for many people it is hard to tell the difference between the real kind and the fake. Advancements in technology and how the faux marble is made helps to increase the quality and look of it.

The type of marble fireplace mantel you choose can be found in a variety of different textures and colors. You can choose a type that is blue, cream, red, and dark brown. Faux marble fireplace mantels are available in even more colors including; gold and black.

You have to be careful with the color you choose. Some colors may be too dark for your home. Remember that dark colors could cause the room to look smaller and depressing. Other times it may give it a sophisticated look. This will depend on the texture of the marble fireplace mantel you choose and how the rest of the room is decorated.