Log Fireplace Mantel

If you have or want to have a rustic home than you are able to imagine yourself in a log cabin. But just because it is a log cabin does not mean it is not large enough to have the necessary rooms that you need. Inside of this cabin you can imagine the beautiful wooden table and chairs in the dining room and the rustic fireplace in the living room.

Rustic homes are some of the warmest and most comfortable homes that you will ever have the privilege of looking at or even owning. But in order to make it rustic you have to use the right materials. One of the biggest things about a rustic home is having the right fireplace and mantel to compliment it.

Usually a stone fireplace is what is used – but what to do with the mantel? When all else fails why not use a log fireplace mantel? This is a very unusual and yet basic mantel that is made up of just a single piece of log that is thick and sanded down. These may not have a lot of shelf space for your pictures – but they help to keep the fireplace surround open for people who want to sit close to the fire.

It is also a great way to keep the rustic feeling inside of the home. You should be able to find these log fireplace mantels in a variety of styles and wood colors. Some of them have been carved in an ornate and yet rustic look and then given a finish that makes them appear slightly darker and with a nice sheen.

Or you can stick with the most basic types that are simple logs that have been cut down, with the hard edges carved off, and then sanded down so that it is smooth. It is up to you to decide which type of log fireplace mantel you would prefer to use and which one you would love the most.