Floating Fireplace Mantels

In smaller homes it can be difficult to find the right place to put a fireplace. There is so little room that it makes it hard to have the conventional fireplace – but it does not mean that we are not able to have one at all. One of the best things you could do with small homes is to build the fireplace directly into the wall and use a floating fireplace mantel.

These types of fireplace mantels are some of the simplest forms that you can use – but they still work great. They are installed directly over the opening of the fireplace – but a few inches above it to give it a better appearance. The best type Floating Fireplace Mantelof material that is used to build a floating fireplace mantel is wood because it is the easiest to install into the wall.

With that being said all you have to decide on is what type of mantel you wish to use. While you may not have as much versatility with a floating mantel you still are able to have the look you want. You can even use this to be very creative and try to choose a design for it that is unique and not seen anywhere else.

It is possible to use floating fireplace mantels on traditional fireplaces. Most of the time these mantels are used on these types of fireplaces when they wish to place something large on it like a television or stereo system. This helps to keep the television in the center of the room without having to worry about the fireplace being there as well.

These floating mantels are able to be as large or small and thick or thin as you need them to be. Just make sure that they are the style that you want and that they work well with the room that they are in.