Fireplace Mantel Shelves

A fireplace mantel is designed to spice up the look of your fireplace. Without it many people would just look at it and see a gaping hole in the middle of your wall that contains wood and ash. The first thought that would come to their minds is that the person has a fire pit in the middle of their living room. Obviously this would look odd in any home.

In order to create a look that would work well with home fireplace mantels were built. These mantels were also a great way for people to house many of their special memories to show off to people. Why? Because the fireplace mantel is often the focal point that will draw the eyes of everyone who enters the room. Some people will exchange the look of the fireplace mantel for fireplace mantel shelves.

Fireplace mantel shelves are similar to the fireplace mantel itself – but at the same time they are quite different They are a single shelf that is placed a few inches above the opening of the fireplace. It is not in anyway connected to the fireplace itself. In fact when a fireplace mantel shelf is used there is usually no fireplace mantel surround around the fireplace.

This look is very unique and used to create a different type of look in someone’s home. For some people they decide that the fireplace mantel surround that was used in their home did not match their style and instead of replacing the entire look they can change the entire thing by replacing a large piece of the mantel with a very simple Рbut elegant fireplace mantel shelf.

Fireplace mantel shelves are offered in a variety of styles and designs that range from classic to modern and are used the same way as regular fireplace mantels. You will still have the ability to place your favorite memories on top and maybe have more room than before.