Fireplace Mantel Designs

Are you taking on the task of building a home? This can be a daunting task full of many decisions and hundreds of hours of work. The best part about being given the chance to build your own home or even to build on to an existing home is that you are able to make all of the decisions. You don’t need to ask other people what they want. It is all what you want.

When it comes to building anything you need blueprints and a specific design to start with. The same is true when building a custom fireplace mantel. The good thing is there are hundreds of different fireplace mantel designs that you can choose from. These designs come in a variety of sizes, pattern, colors, and the types of materials that you want them to be built from.

The first rule of thumb when choosing a fireplace design is to find something that will match your style and personality. Obviously your choices will be very broad to begin with and you will possibly spot a dozen different fireplace mantel designs that you love. But over time you are going to be forced to narrow those choices down. But how do you do that?

Think about the materials you are using around the rest of your home. What type of floors will be in your home? What style of home will it be? What color will your home be? Many of these questions will help you to determine whether or not you will be living in a classic or contemporary home. If you have wood floors in your home than you might consider using the classic wood fireplace mantel. If you are preparing to have a more elegant home than you should consider using a marble fireplace mantel.

Another thing to consider is the type of fireplace that you will be using. If you want an electrical fireplace than there are certain types of electric fireplace mantels that you should consider. Each of these factors will help you to narrow down your choice to enable you to choose the perfect fireplace mantel design for your new home.