Fireplace Mantel Accessories

You can’t have a great fireplace without all of the necessary accessories to match up with it. Having the perfect fireplace mantel is one thing – but what about all of the fireplace mantel accessories that can go along with it? There are dozens of accessories that you will need for your fireplace that will help you to use it more efficiently and also to keep your home looking beautiful.

One of the best fireplace mantel accessories to utilize is a fireplace screen. Fireplace screens can be found in a variety of styles that will be used to match the design you have chosen for your fireplace mantel. If you have a very classic stone fireplace mantel than it might be best if you used a classic wrought iron screen. This screen is also used to protect people from the fire while in use and to keep children out of it.

Most of the fireplace mantel accessories that you will use will actually be placed on top of the mantel itself. The accessories you choose will depend on your personal style and how you want to decorate the room. Many will choose to place pictures of their family on the fireplace mantel.

Others will choose candles or memorabilia as fireplace mantel accessories. These help to set the mood of the room and to complete the look that you have chosen for the fireplace mantel.

During the holidays you can be creative with the accessories that you choose. During Christmas time use garland intertwined with lights. The garland can be draped across the top of the fireplace mantel shelf. In the middle of the shelf you can place the nativity scene or candles which will be lit up by the beautiful twinkle lights.