Electric Fireplace Mantel

There are three different types of fireplaces that you can use in your home; traditional wood-burning, gas, and electric. The most common of these types of fireplaces is of course the traditional wood-burning fireplace – but these are quickly fading out as people are looking to move forward with the times and save money in the process.

Electric fireplaces are an excellent choice that many people are switching over to. They are easy to install and there are dozens of electric fireplace mantels that you can use in your home. Electric fireplaces are more versatile in the fact that they can be placed in any room of your home and in any spot that you like. Unlike traditional fireplaces they do not have to be built into a specific wall.

Because of this you have more options and designs to choose from when trying to pick out an electric fireplace mantel that will work well in your home. If you have a traditional home than you should consider a wrought iron electric fireplace mantel that looks similar to the type that was used during the olden days.

You can always keep the look of the traditional fireplace by choosing one that looks very much like a wood-burning fireplace without being built into the wall. You can choose very elegant or simple wood designed electric fireplace mantels and place it in the living room without it being in the way of your furniture.

If you have more modern tastes than finding electric fireplace mantels should be a piece of cake for you. There are dozens of different mantels fire electric fireplaces that can be mounted to the wall and have a very unique design to them. With these unusual styles you can heat up the room while adding a bit of an artistic look and fashion statement that will have everyone wishing they had one in their home.