Double Fireplace Mantels

Many people use the fireplace as a centerpiece of the room that it has been built inside of. They want it to be the thing that people first look at when they come into the room and walk over to. They want to use it to show off their wedding photo or the grandfather clock that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whatever the reason is they want to make it a way for people to truly amaze at how great it is.

There are many different styles and designs that people area able to use to accomplish this – but none is more beautiful or successful at this than the double fireplace mantel. This is an unusual type of fireplace mantel that is designed to have two separate mantels put together.

The bottom portion of the double fireplace mantel looks like any other basic mantel that you would normally see around a fireplace. It has the legs attached to the shelf that surround the fireplace opening. This can have a pattern or design of your choosing on it to help create the look you want.

On top of the bottom half is yet another fireplace mantel – but this one is more defined and closed at the very top of it in a curved arch or other type of design of your choosing. You will have the option of keeping the back wall on the top portion of the mantel open or you can close it in.

The top portion allows for you to accentuate any heirlooms, candles, and favorite photographs that you have on display. Wood is the best material to use for double fireplace mantels because they are lighter in weight and easier to install than most other types of materials.