Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

When choosing the right type of fireplace mantel that you want to use it is important to find something that is going to work well with the home that you have. Most homes are decorated using three different types of homes that include; classic, contemporary, and modern. Contemporary is one of the most common themes that is used and it is very diverse.

One of the best things about using a contemporary fireplace mantel are the variety of materials and styles that you are able to choose from. Some of the more common materials that work great in contemporary homes include; wood, stone, and brick. All of these have the potential to be as simple or as unusual as you would want them to be.

Contemporary is the theme that borders on classic or modern depending on what you like best. Because of this using a contemporary fireplace mantel gives you the diversity that you need to be able to create the perfect one for your home and to give it a truly unique fireplace design that is not easy to find elsewhere.

One of the best types of contemporary fireplace mantels that I have seen is made using three different pieces of wood, each of a different shade, and in descending order around each other. This gives it a truly unique appearance and is better to use on fireplace that are smaller.

For some of the larger fireplace mantels you could use stone around the whole of the fireplace and for the shelf you can use wood. This will give you the ability to set all of your favorite photographs and heirlooms to show off to anyone who visits.