Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels

For many of us we want to have the home that is able to rival all others. We want to show people our love of having the finest things and showing off the elegant tastes that seemed to have passed away as time moved on into the modern world. One of the best ways to do this is be decorating our home with elegant curtains, classic furniture, and a fireplace that will make people stare in wonder and amazement to how beautiful it is.

Ok. That might be stretching it a bit – but still it would be great to have a fireplace that was more elegant than traditional so that it did not look like everyone else’s. There are many different materials that we are able to use in order to accomplish this look – but we feel that one of the better ones is cast stone fireplace mantels.

The cast stone fireplace mantel is similar if not exactly like the type that are created using cut limestone. Looking at it you would never guess that it was one of the most durable types that you are able to use. For centuries people have used this for the outside of their homes and buildings to give it a polished appearance. In fact many people confuse the cast stone of the older building that were erected during the turn of the century with limestone.

The majority of manufacturers who offer cast stone fireplace mantels produce them using finely graded aggregates, silica sand, and a special bonding agent. Though not all of them do it is best to purchase one that also uses a hardening agent for smoother and much more durable edges.

All of these things are combined together and placed into special molds to create the size, shape, and design that you see on many of the cast stone fireplace mantels. Although it is considered to be one of the more expensive types of fireplace mantels it is one of the best. You can find it in a variety of styles and designs that may appear simple or quite ornate depending on what you like best.