Cast Iron Fireplace Mantel

There are dozens of different types of mantels that we are able to choose from that many of us find it hard to decide which one to have. When choosing one you have to think about what room it is being used in, the type of home you have, how you like to decorate, and what would best fit your personality. If you are someone who is modern you may not want to use a classic looking wood fireplace mantel.

Some people prefer to stick to a traditional design while others prefer to use one that is rare and hard to find. This doesn’t mean that it has to be so off the wall that you wonder how anyone was able to make it. One of the more classic types of fireplace mantels that is not used often is the cast iron fireplace mantel.

This material has a rustic and yet classic look to it that takes us back to the colonial time period when the fireplace was used not only to heat homes – but also to cook meals with. It comes available in a variety of sizes and shapes that will either make the fireplace appear to be very small or very large. You will also be able to choose one that has the simple shelf and legs or one that completely encompasses the entire opening and surround of the fireplace.

When it comes to design the cast iron fireplace mantel is not lacking – unless you want it to. There are very simple designs that make it appear to be almost plain – but at the same time it holds so much character just because of the material that it uses. You can also find types that are etched and adorned with beautiful patterns that make it look almost elegant.

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right type of cast iron fireplace mantel that would work best in your home so we suggest that you take your time. Explore the various stores that offer them and choose the style you want at the price that you are willing to pay for it. In the end you will have a very unique fireplace mantel that people will love.