Brick Fireplace Mantel

The majority of older home use a brick fireplace mantel. This is the type of fireplace in which the entire thing is made using bricks. These type of mantels are used to help create a rustic look to your home – but it also has many more advantages for your home. Do not think that just because it is brick it cannot be used in your contemporary home.

These days there are many places that offer brick fireplace mantels that are designed in such a unique way that makes them a bit more modern then what we are used to. They have been designed with a new edge that offers our home more space and a better feel to the room that it is being used in. Even some brick fireplace mantels that have been in the homes for many years have a way of adapting to their surroundings and changing with the times with very little effort from you.

A brick fireplace mantel is usually the first choice from people and was often used in older homes because they worked well to compliment the theme of the homes. In some cases they can be considered a neutral look. Where as wood fireplace mantels are usually considered to be a classic look only and stone fireplace mantels are considered to be a modern look only.

Many professionals will recommend a brick fireplace mantel for the structural qualities that it possesses. This type of material is able to withstand more wear and tear from age than most other materials used to build fireplace mantels.

If you ever decide to change up your brick fireplace mantel in the future and to give it a different look you will always have the choice of placing limestone or paneling over the brick. This is a simple process and relatively inexpensive.