Fireplace Mantels

As the natural focal point of any fireplace, the mantel (or mantle, depending on which side of the pond you’re on) defines the theme of the entire design. Decorating the fireplace mantel, updating or replacing it can really enhance the look, feel and warmth of your room. This part of the fireplace surrounds the opening of your fire place, and most certainly enhance the decor and atmosphere of your living area.

Types Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace MantelThere are many types of fireplace mantels, both in material and styles. As a common denominator with both modern and traditional fireplace designs, the surround is commonly made up of all kinds of interesting materials – including stone, oak wood, brick, and marble just to name a few. They can be designed in contemporary, antique, gas, electric and even gel and corner setups. Building a quality, inexpensive or elaborate indoor or outdoor firepit has never been easier with today’s technology.

Uses For A Fireplace Mantel

There are many things you can use a mantel for, besides as the surrounding decoration for a fire place. Most notably, people hang Christmas stockings from the mantle’s shelf. Family pictures, artifacts and antique items generally dawn the ledge of fire place mantles and serve to display the cherished memories experienced with your family and friends. It’s fairly common these days to mount plasma and LCD television screens ontop of the mantel, as TV’s have become notably thinner and this is such a natural focal point of your living room.

Learn More About Fireplace Mantles

While you’re in this section, you’ll learn all kinds of things about fireplace mantles you probably didn’t know or didn’t think of. We hope that you’ll find some wonderful, unique and helpful design ideas that you can use for your own home. Best of luck, because you can do-it-yourself.