Ventless Fireplace Insert

A fireplace insert is something that more and more people are using because they are both energy and cost efficient. During this time and age people are always trying to find ways of improving the amount of money they are spending and finding things to use around the home that are easier to use and also to maintain.

Although the fireplace is one of the best things to have in the home people are more than happy to trade out the traditional type for something more modern – the fireplace insert. Beyond all of these reasons there is still one more why people love to use these. They are completely ventless.

Using a ventless fireplace insert has its advantages. Unlike a traditional fireplace it does not require a chimney that will guide the smoke from the fire up and out of the house. This chimney helps to prevent the smoke from entering and spreading through the home – which can make it hard for people to breath.

With a ventless fireplace insert this is not needed because there is no smoke or at least not enough to bother anyone. The type you choose (gas or electric) will determine the type of fire that is created. Neither of them are able to reach the amount of fire or heat that the traditional fireplace is able to and therefore does not require any type of ventilation.

One of the best things about this is that it is easy to clean and keep up on. You no longer have to spend hours trying to shovel out and remove all of the ash from the fireplace. You also don’t have to spend a great deal of money to pay someone to clean out the chimney each year to make sure that bugs and ash are not built up inside of it and backing it up.

These only require a little bit of cleaning through the use of a wash cloth and soapy water. It will take you thirty minutes or less. This means that you will spend less cleaning it and more time using it for those special occasions.