Propane Fireplace Insert

A propane fireplace insert is a gas fireplace that is an alternative to natural gas. It is a very good alternative to standard (wood-burning) fireplaces. Like natural gas counterparts, a propane fireplace offers a lot of the benefits. Propane is more environmentally friendly and cleaner than wood as a fuel for a fire, and a propane fireplace can easily be turned on and off because it has a switch or remote control.

Traditionally, a fireplace requires the damper to be open while in use as it allows the large amount of heat to escape; direct-vent gas inserts using propane have a sealed combustion chamber and it reduces the amount of heat that is able to escape outside the home. If you will choose direct vent propane fireplace insert, all of the combustion air will also come from outside the home, heating the house but leaving the air within it undisturbed.

Ventless options are available and it helps to save energy or if a regular chimney or flue is not an option due to space constraints. These options can help in heating any part of your home since no permanent venting is required. Propane fireplaces inserts are able to generate heat very quickly and can provide either radiant or convective heat transfer. While an electric starter makes ignition very convenient, safe manual ignition is also easy in case of a power outage. By remote control on some models, flame size can be controlled. As same as other gas fireplaces, a propane fireplace insert offers all of the same safety and convenience benefits over a standard wood fireplace. You don’t have to worry about leftover embers after the fire is out, and there is no hassle with chopping or buying wood, cleaning ashes, or sweeping chimneys. 

Installation of a propane fireplace is done by a professional, so once it is installed; it’s as easy as turning it on and off and enjoying a nice fire with your family. A propane fireplace can also be equipped with built-in dampers, smoke shelves, and heat circulating features to provide both radiant and convective heat. They can be equipped with a variety of options that include push-button ignition, remote control, variable heat controls and thermostats. If you are looking for a gas fireplace and either not have access to natural gas or simply prefer not to use it, a propane fireplace insert is a great choice. It is clean, convenient, and helps you to in cost-cutting and alternative to either wood or natural gas, and are perfect for those who may not have access to natural gas but want all of the benefits it offers.