Outdoor Fireplace Insert

When buying any outdoor fireplace insert, safety should be one of the main things considered. Outdoor fireplace inserts come in many shapes, sizes and designs but other than these; they also come in different safety specifications so here are some tips and reminders for you.

Outdoor Fireplace Safety

For safety and convenience, many recommend chimneas over fire pits either elevated or not. Elevated fire pits, if not properly used, can cause fire and injuries to those people around it by simply tipping over. With chimnea type of outdoor fireplace inserts, air flows better and the annoying sea of smoke is steered clear of. Don’t engage in bargain rate fireplaces and fire extinguishers. A few more dollars spent with a quality outdoor fireplace insert is better than being injured and losing your property because of fire.

Look for a wide and clear open space and place your outdoor fireplace there. There must be no plants, trees, overhanging branches or vines near the fireplace because these catch fire easily. In other words, set your outdoor fireplace away from combustible objects.

Always pay attention to what’s going on with an active outdoor fireplace. Never be complacent with any burning material around even if you are doing something else or having a conversation with someone. Moreover, don’t try leaving an active fireplace unattended.

Take note of the gust of wind and its direction. Keep in mind that starting a fire when the wind is strong is a big no-no unless you want sparks and live embers to fly around. Also, move outdoor and playful pets away from the working outdoor fireplace insert. When starting a fire, settle with small manageable burning. Do not get too excited and blow the fire out of proportion.

Equip your outdoor fireplace inserts with safety materials such as fireplace screens and special gloves for handling. The screen will prevent flickers and sparks from going out, maintaining the fire where it’s supposed to. In addition to that, have fire extinguishing equipments like water buckets, fire extinguishers and be sure to know how to use them properly. If possible, most of the household members especially the adults should learn how to use the said materials. It is nice to be ready at all time for you never know what’s going to happen. Take into account that you are dealing with fire and it can go out of control unexpectedly. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being precautious especially when your safety as well as your family, friends and property is at stake.