Gas Fireplace Insert

Existing fireplace installations are further improved with the use of fireplace inserts which are intended to increase the efficiency of fireplaces in terms of performance and heat distribution. A gas fireplace insert is one of the types of fireplace inserts and it’s a top choice among insert buyers.

Compared to a wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace insert is easier to use, it is cleaner and safer. It can be simply matched into any existing fireplace. Operating it is as straightforward as flipping a switch. Not only is it designed to offer convenience but also home energy savings. It has been proven that gas fireplace inserts do not only improve the aesthetic design of fireplaces and zone heaters; it also augments the fireplace’s efficacy by 85%.

A gas fireplace insert is built with a gas log set which is put in a firebox that is either made of ceramic or steel. It has a co-linear aluminum intake as well as exhaust liners that extend out to the chimney top. There, a converter box is placed to enable the connection of a co-axial cap. An external shell helps the gas fireplace insert to deliver heated air right into the room therefore cutting down heat loss to the masonry. Most units come with panels which prevent the exposure of the fireplace opening, fans and wall mounted thermostats to properly facilitate heat movement in the room as well as remote control devices for automatic operation. With this set-up, cleaner flames are produced making the use of a gas fireplace insert an environmental move.

Modern gas fireplace inserts are not that different with the traditional ones. Present units have gas tubes that are mounted on the other side of the wall concealing them from plain view and allowing easy reloading.

A direct vent gas fireplace insert is to be considered when installing one. This type of insert has a sealed combustion system that ensures combustion in which the air is taken entirely from the outside through a direct vent pipe. Heat loss which is a very common problem in traditional chimneys is greatly reduced. The quality of indoor air is also maintained since the fire’s exhaust is pushed out completely.

A gas fireplace insert is available for as low as a couple of hundred dollars up to several thousands. There are many styles and designs to choose from ranging from traditional built to contemporary models.