Fake Fireplace Insert

One of the reasons why people love to have a fireplace in their home is so that they are able to add warmth and a comfortable atmosphere for themselves or anyone that visits. For many people though it can be very expensive to build in or maintain a traditional fireplace. Those who want the look of a fireplace without all of the hassle should invest in a fake fireplace insert.

There are three types of fake fireplace insert; electric, gas, and gel. Each of these work differently – but they all help to give you the look and even the feel of a traditional fireplace without having to chop up wood, light a fire, and spend a great deal of money trying to keep it clean. These are cost efficient and are able to be used in any home.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

The electric fireplace insert is one of the most popular. This is perfect for people who live in a small home or even an apartment. It functions using 110v electricity and has an automatic shut off switch. This helps to make it easier to use when you are trying to relax or create a special evening with someone that you love. They are very stylish and when not being used help to create a great look in your home.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

The gas fireplace insert is the closest that you will ever come to a wood burning fireplace without all of the hassles. This uses special fuel and fake fireplace logs to warm up the home without all of the hard work and supplies that is required for a real fireplace. This fake fireplace comes in direct vent, ventless, and b-vent models and will help to reduce your heating bill.

Gel Fireplace Insert

The gel fireplace insert is the most unique of all of the fake fireplace inserts. This is a portable fireplace that uses special gel fuel to create a warm fire. Though it is not as hot as a real fire it helps to give the natural glow and look of one. You use the fuel – which comes in an easy to use can – along with fake fireplace logs that look real. This helps to create the relaxing and calming atmosphere in your home.