Electric Fireplace Logs

People who own an electric fireplace or an electric fireplace insert do not have to worry about cleaning up large amounts of ash, soot, and debris after each use. They also do not have to worry about all of the ash that gets caught in the chimney and cleaning that out. Though having these traditional fireplaces is wonderful to use around the winter season and the holidays it can be quite a hassle.

Along with less cleaning time another advantage that you can look forward to when you use these is how much money Electric Fireplace Logsyou will save. You will not have to worry about cutting down or purchasing wood fire logs to burn and buying the special type of fuel that will help to light it and keep it burning for hours at a time. All you have to worry about is purchasing an electric fireplace log set.

These specially made fire logs are fire resistant and made from real wood, cement, or resin. All you have to do is set these on top of the grate within the fireplace. When you glance at it they look like real wood. Just plug them into the standard electrical outlet and watch them light up and create the sound of a crackling fire.

It would be difficult and impossible to create the look of a real wood burning fireplace without these logs to imitate the glowing embers. These standard log sets cost around $60 and are designed to look like a variety of wood species. The only thing that these are not able to do is to generate heat.

If you would like the heating feature than expect to pay around $200 to $500 for high quality electric fireplace logs. These are designed to produce between 2,500 to 5,000 BTUs and work better and more efficiently then the gas logs and even the wood burning fireplaces.

These have been designed to be used in the vent free fireplaces that have a very shallow interior. They come available with a hand held remote control that will allow you to set the amount of heat that you wish it to generate. Many of these will also allow you to adjust to one of the eight levels of brightness that comes from the logs to help create the perfect mood.